About Us

What is Arcana?

Arcana – loosely derived from “arcane” or “archaic” – alludes to the mysterious and the unusual. And our favorite meaning – that of a secret and powerful remedy.

We believe a well-poured pint of Arcana can go a long way toward curing what ails you ~ and we make some great ones to enjoy!


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Blanca Romero GarciaBlanca Romero Garcia
15:01 17 Feb 24
This brewery was very impressive. The atmosphere is super comfortable. Clean bathrooms, excellent visuals, entertainment games, cool peeps, top service, a punking playlist, and great selection of beer. My favorite from the flight was the Burgundy oaky and fruity tartness 🤤. They also have a special mug program 🍻 and dog friendly 🐶. Outside food is okay 🙌.
barbara felderbarbara felder
05:50 21 Dec 23
Great little beer hall.
Hans FotoHans Foto
23:33 22 Oct 23
Amazing atmosphere, great beer. Extra great for carnivorous plant enthusiasts, and seasonal decoration afficionados. The owner and staff are always friendly and fun to talk to.
Jason JoyceJason Joyce
00:30 20 May 23
Great variety and some mead too!

Our brewing style embodies a spirit of adventure, creativity, mystery, good humor, and individuality.

Each brew is crafted to be distinct and delicious. A rotating selection of Small Batches also showcase new or unusual ingredients or techniques to let you experience something rare and wonderful.

We hope you enjoy your dive beyond the pale with our beers, as much as we enjoy delving into the arcane arts of brewing it.


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